N2R1 Firmware 2569t Rev 1.0.0

  • Added SFTP
  • Added Twonky 6 (experimental)
  • Fixed reset of uptime
  • Fixed error messages in the CLI of PackageManager
  • Fixed several encoding problems in ServiceManager
  • Fixed preserving of user/group permissions in SM-Editor

Twonky 6 produces a high CPU load on startup. But after a few minutes the CPU usage goes down. Twonky 6 has been classified as experimental because of this issue. Do not activate Twonky 6 and Twonky 4 together. It's highly recommended to upgrade to this version, if you are using the integrated ServiceManager-Editor.


chris, 2011/12/26 10:39

lg heeft niewe firmweare maar als ik die laat kan ik die van U niet meer laaden he

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