Upcoming Firmwares

It's been a while, since I last uploaded a new firmware. And further firmwares need more time. Because of that, I release a feature list of upcoming firmwares.

Create GUIs with XML

Status: Finished. Maybe a few widgets are missing.

The ServiceManager will be able to parse XML files on-the-fly to create GUIs. This has many advantages:

  • It's simple to program GUIs. Many pre-created widgets allow an easy integration into the web interface.
  • It's only necessary to write a XML and a PHP file.
  • No recompilation of the ServiceManager is required (→ distribute GUIs via the PackageManager).



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gui type="service" category="net" defaultbuttons="yes">
	    <col><label>Simple Text</label></col>
	    <col><textbox id="textbox" /></col>
	    <col><anchor url="http://lg.threnor.de">lg.threnor.de</anchor></col>
	    <col><button action="button">Button</button></col>



Status: Parts of the web interface are missing.

An additional DLNA server will be added to all firmwares: MiniDLNA. Easy to setup and for free. This service will be used to test the new XML support of the ServiceManager.


Status: Web interface and USB are missing.

It's possible to encrypt the hard disk with dm-crypt/LUKS. Only encrypted file containers are supported in the first release, because it has no real use to encrypt the entire partition (write speed < 4 MiB/s locally. Using a network service … zzzZZZzzz). The container will be decrypted with a keyfile (e.g. USB-Stick on startup). I won't add a feature to decrypt the container via the web interface, yet. Most people would use an insecure connection anyway (or wouldn't verify the certificate).

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