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There are several ways to support this project. You may want to report bugs or create new Packages. It is also possible to donate.

About the project

I (Tantalus) am a student in Germany and I develop this firmware since 2009.

Currently this project costs me about 20 Euro per month. (Server costs for the Website, Downloads, Bug-Tracker, Subversion, Repositories and Domain) Additional costs to power the development system (N1T1) are not included.

All donations are used to compensate these costs.

Legal disclaimer

I do not represent any kind of charity organization. I receive every Euro directly, but I am not allowed to give you a contribution receipt.

List of donations

Donations will be listed in public without names. If you wish to be listed with your name, send me a private Message (NAS-Portal) or use the PayPal message box.


Note: PayPal fees for receiving money: (17.06.2011)

  • 1,9% + 0,35 Euro (EU)
  • 3,9% + 0,35 Euro for non EU or non Euro payments


You may want to donate via Bitcoin. By this there are no fees. My address ist:

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