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The LG N1T1 is a NAS with a single hard disk and a DVD writer. Additionally it's possible to use the NAS as a local USB hard disk or a USB writer.

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alehung79, 2012/12/15 16:35

Hi Guys, I´ve tried to upgrade the firmware of my N1T1 with no success. Not only that, but now I cannot access the web interface of my NAS, nor initialize it. I'm able to found the server using the NAS Detector on Enclosure mode, however it's still not working, not even when I try to use a DVD with the .ISO image…. Does anyone know how can I recover my server? I'm afraid I'm about to loose it….. Thanks in advance!!

maxonet, 2013/01/26 19:35

I have the same problem. I think the NAS is bricked or LG blocks the CD boot in the new firmwares. The last firmware installed was the 9595. Sometimes the NAS detector finds the firmware enclosure but the IP it seems strange, not the usual 192.168.1.XXX. I will try one more time the NAS boot and the ISO boot from LG this night and I tell you. Any news from this problem? Or I need to contact LG support in Spain to repair it? Thanks to share it.

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