Downloads (N1T1)

My firmware has been tested on a N1T1-Box. Use this firmware at your own risk. Ensure that you create backups (config and data). Don't use this firmware, if you are afraid of data loss! This is not an official firmware of LG!

You have to save a firmware as “*.bin” file!


Version MD5-Checksum Download
3730.513.t0 b19249a58ef754f28489ae07d47435dd firmware_3730_513_t0.bin
3718.510.t0 eca9fe4dd7ea1d377663d578f607522f firmware_3718_510_t0.bin
3687.503.t0 c246bbce8575edd33335e20610437a9b firmware_3687_503_t0.bin
3603.484.t0 bb13fc260ab00efc114eb18334018b69 firmware_3603_484_t0.bin
2774.405t2 a32dd6e54f6d8ad62629effacbda2be1 firmware_2774_405t2.bin
2774.405t1 a0884153ee62dd7ed20ea98f898c4432 firmware_2774_405t1.bin
2774.405t0 f748ceff94725379ba9542f9129a81af firmware_2774_405t0.bin
2452.340t0 07c6b6d255209d84ea81ad776dc10fc2 firmware_2452_340t0.bin