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What provides your firmware?

My firmwares are created on the basis of the official firmares from LG. I've added some additional features like SSH, Telnet, SFTP, NFS, Twonky and Mediatomb. When you activate Twonky, Twonky will be downloaded and installed. (requires internet connection)

Which hardware is supported by your firmware?

My firmware has been tested on a LG N1T1 NAS box. This firmware can only be installed on N1T1 boxes!

My update failed! What can I do now?

Download and burn the nt1 initialization program from the official LG website. (do NOT simply burn the program on a CD. Burn the program as an image!) Insert the CD into your N1T1 and shutdown the NAS-Box. After that press and hold the “backup” button. While you are pressing the backup button, press the power button and release the backup button after a few seconds. This will do a factory reset. WARNING: Everything will be deleted!

How do I get information about my current firmware?

Open the homepage of the webinterface → Version (see screenshots). My firmware ends with a “tX”. (X is a version number)

What's SSH?

SSH is a protocol to encrypt data connections. It's been used most times to get a shell on remote systems. See also:

What are the authentication credentials?

You can login as “admin”. After that change your root password by executing the following command: sudo passwd

How do I get a remote shell by SSH?

Start a SSH server on the NAS-Box and connect to it with a SSH client. On windows use e.g. PuTTY, on linux the command line tool “ssh”.

How do I start the SSH server?

Webinterface → Services → Shell → SSH → Enable.

What's telnet?

Telnet simple way to get an unencrypted shell of a remote computer. It's easy to use, because a telnet client is on most systems preinstalled. See also:

How do I get a remote shell?

Open a shell on your local computer and type “telnet <ip-address>”.

How do I start the telnet server?

Webinterface → Services → Shell → Telnet → Enable.


test84.30.154.217, 2011/05/15 20:24

Hi, Does anyone know how to open the firewallport to use ms-office automation via ODBC database connection?

Seems the port of the NAS is closed or another protection is not working.

Anyone? I've no linux experience :(

se, 2011/06/05 18:46

Hi, Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.

There's a few steps you need to complete.

Firstly, I think you'll need to install MyODBC on to your Windows box to get office to see the MySQL server anyway.

Secondly, there's no firewall protection, but the /etc/mysql/my.cnf file needs changing, as by default it only listens to the loopback address, not on the LAN. Look for the line:

bind-address =

and put a # in front to comment it out.

Thirdly, mysql security will need to be set to allow the user to log on. To do this, you'll need to telnet/ssh onto the box or use phpMyAdmin to create a user with the host '%' so that it can log on over the network.

You'll need to restart MySQL after all of this, and hopefully you'll be up and running enough that you can start building the tables, etc.

Good luck.

ghost128k, 2011/08/29 18:13

Hello, i´m looking for a megaupload download webbase interface like bittorrent. is there any for the new firm of n1t1?


thacher21, 2011/09/15 04:59

So to be clear, I cannot install this firmware on an N1A1? Disappointed if so…

roberto, 2011/09/15 15:50

I would also be very interested in the N1A1 and whether this can be installed on it - I think the firmware is the same from LG. It would be great to be able to use twonky instead of the LG alternative.

rzbhatti, 2011/09/23 09:28

Hi, I just received my N1T1 and the firmwares are System ⇒ 6674 and ODD ⇒ T109. Does any one know, if it would be safe to load 3718.510.t0 ?

rzbhatti, 2011/09/23 09:43

The external size is limited to 400GB, can we increase this limit ?

ghost128k, 2011/09/27 11:00

Hello everybody; i have install the last firmware and it´s run all ok. I see that the linux distro is debian lenny, and i try to install megaupload-dl to automate the premium downloads, but there is a error because i need to install python and mime-support, but this las package i dont install.

How i can install megaupload-dl?


railsoria, 2011/10/25 10:21

Hi. Thanks for this job. is possible install any package in this linux. I need install some software to download megaupload, filesonic links. Thanks for all.

sideout08, 2011/11/06 01:55

For N1A1 - See this thread

Direct link to download the firmware:

Credit to ammmze from and Tantalus. He basically took Tantalus N1T1's firmware and repackaged it for N1A1. I've verified this firmware is working on my NAS so far.

locutus, 2011/11/11 14:54

firmware_3718_510_t0.bin works great!

Every thought about IPv6 support (module/kernel)?

astir, 2011/11/18 14:33

Hi Tantalus,

I have enabled SSH for my N2A2 and now would add usb device for Ajaxplorer. Could you describe how you did that for your firmwares, thx.


drmspidi, 2011/11/29 15:26

Any ideia if you are going to support the Version 8421 ???

ripjojon, 2011/11/30 09:50

I have a little problem and since the LG guys are not answering…maybe someone here may help me pls! I'll post here the question that i also posted on LG site PLS PLS HELP ME!

“I try to upgrade to new UI but it seems that is not working. After i select the .zip and it uploads it…it start's upgrade and on 2) step it gives ERR_UBOOT_UPDATE error and the N1T1 shut's down. I am using windows 7 and the antivirus and firewall are down. N1T1 is linked up with the iMac to an Air Port Extreme. I am using windows 7 with bootcamp on iMac.

Diagnostic content: SVC_CODE:Service Code:SVC_CODE[00_00] MAC:Address:00 e0 91 81 20 3b Version:Main IC:MV88F6281 Rev 3 Version:System:3718.510 Version:Uboot:May/21/2011 Version:Micom:100407 Version:Kernel:Linux John-X-Drive 2.6.30-nt1 #131 Tue Jun 7 12/33/31 KST 2011 armv5tel GNU/Linux REV.38 RTC:Sys Time:Tue Nov 29 20/11/01 EET 2011 ODD:ID F/W:HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GA31N T106 volume1:Node Mount RAID Dev:/dev/md1 /mnt/disk/volume1 No RAID Bay1:ID Capa Temp SMART:Hitachi HDT72101HDT72101 1000G 38C

Please advice!!! I need it up and running urgent with new UI and latest firmware! Thank you in advance!”

gnilaw, 2012/01/05 10:46

@ripjojon I encountered the same. Tried to upgrade to the new UI using the English update ( on a German N1T1. After downloading the German update ( from the german support-site the update worked all right. Updates seem to be tied to specific regional versions.

Next challenge is to find out how to get root access after upgrading to the new UI. sudo doesn't work any more. (Asks for the password of the current user. i.e. 'www-data' when using phpshell)

The new UI is a python application based on Django ( Any hints?

dubliner, 2012/01/27 11:08

A dumb question: How do you apply this firmware? What do I do with .bin file? I tried loading it using web interface but it returned with invalid file after second step.

I am trying to load this firmware on N1A1 having latest fw# 9595 (firmware bin that is updated for N1A1 from link given in few comments above).

I am having issue with the new box not having working DLNA setup whatever I do and need more control that the current firmware which can't publish DLNA even if it's enabled.

Update: 03/Feb/2012 : Managed to get DLNA working after installing latest firmware again which I downloaded this time from LG Korian website from the link gotten from web somewhere. However, DLNA server is crappy enough so still wish to update it. Tried SSH on port 2020 but failed to login as there wasn't home directory present and the present UI won't let me create one that's needed by SSH server that's part of official firmware. I believe it's a proper SSH server.

jobu, 2012/02/08 18:35

Dubliner → FW 9595 isnt supported by Threnors firmwares - you can't update, before threnor will update his firmware… Unfortunately!

dubliner, 2012/02/09 01:08

Thanks jobu, I mean to say I have N1A1 with latest firmware version and would like to update with but don't know what I need to do. I don't mind downgrading it that works and helps.

I was clueless about what to do with the .bin file as it didn't work by trying to load via web interface.

I came so close to ssh but unable to create home directory is the main problem.

daica, 2012/03/01 19:19

I have the exact same problem: N1A1 with latest new GUI firmware 9595. I tried to downgrade using firmware_nt1-1_3730.513rfk.bin from LG but it said “Invalid Updated File” at step #2: Firmware Update Availability Check. How do I downgrade to old GUI firmware?

gad13, 2012/06/08 08:50

Go to

Search for N1A1

Follow a link like this: N1A1 - NAS Manuals, Files, and Firmware

Take a look under software section at link that says: Initialization/Reset (114Mb) Erases all data and resets the NAS.

This is an old UI.

A link from previous search like this: Installing the New LG NAS User Interface

Will give you instructions and link to new UI firmware

My understanding is, is a factory initialization to new UI. And is a factory initialization to old UI.

You are doing it at your own risk.

Sorry I can't use real links because ampersand symbol in links break the post.

dksill, 2012/05/12 14:01

g'day, thanks for the port!

now i succeeded to ssh into the nas.

- how can I ssh OUT OF THE NAS?

dk sill

unnik01, 2012/06/08 20:02

Is it possible to upgrade the phpmyadmin for my N2R1? I need the latest version of phpmyadmin, the one that I have right now is version 3.3.8. It seems that I miss the xml-extension for some of the software packages that I like to install.

dax, 2012/07/26 13:11

Can anyone help me? I have the N1T1 with LG firmware. The NAS shutdown when I lost connection while downloading. On the NAS are babypictures, and I don't have a back up, my wife will kill me. Allready brought it to the store, but they couldn't reach my data. The ext hdd function works ok, no ip adres is obtained. Does anyone know how to re-install firmware without formatting the harddisc?

Thanx Dax

jubee, 2012/07/30 08:23


Can someone please help me! i've got the n1a1 and want to use the firmware. But when i restore the network installation firmware my nas will boot and start with network but the network will disonnect in 5 seconds. only the new firmware 6674 or 9595 will load correctly.

please help me because the default firmware will not stream all my content.



strickie, 2012/07/30 15:41


I installed the FW for the N1T1, and it seems to be working. I wanted to install Couch Potato, and therefore needed to install Python, but Python have to be compiled on the machine, but there doesn't seem to be a gcc compiler in the FW.

How do I get one? I can download it through apt-get, but only the compiler as source files, that needs to be compiled …. catch 22! Please advice. Thanks

garzajd, 2012/08/14 18:16

I have the N1T1 and used the firmware that you provided. I was mainly interested in using this device as a media server. So far I have been able to stream all of my external usb drives by simply creating a new shared folder and creating symbolic links in that folder pointing to the usb drive/folder. The only thing I really needed was the ability to ssh to root (thankfully your firmware lets me). My question is – I've been looking at changing the internal drive from the 1TB to a 2TB. So far I've had no luck. I'm not a power linux user so that doesnt help. I did try to make some firmware edits and upload that - resulted in the drive partitions being deleted (fortunetly I have access to a 2nd unit and was able to clone the drive back to factory). Anyone have any ideals for changing the internal drive? Maybe even how to create an image just in case the drive fails?

fahrdynamiker, 2012/09/01 12:15

Hallo Tantalus,

habe ein N1T1 “Telekom Edition” FW: 1462.1462, wie komme ich von dort zu einer von deinen FWs? Welche Version kann ich verwenden, einfach die neueste?

Danke schön und Gruß Uwe

pico, 2012/10/21 21:03

Hello Tantalus,

Thanks for the great job. I just read this article - - about a huge security issue in LG's firmware. Does your firmware fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

ik3266, 2012/11/08 08:40


sarumane, 2012/12/15 20:48

Hi All

I have the N1T1 firmware and it is great - Twonky has met all of my streaming needs until now as it keeps crashing. I have a licenced copy of it. Is there any way I can update t a newer version of Twonky within the firmware? I would be a noob at this so clear instructions would be really helpful if it can be done.

cycologist, 2013/09/08 03:12

I finally was able to update my N1A1DD1 using this great firmware:

Previously I was having problems installing the Tantalus based .a0 firmware


on my N1A1 since I upgraded the box to the latest (old GUI) official LG firmware 3730.513…

A simple change of the VERSION file (inside the BIN archive) does the trick, this one has the fake version number 3731.514.a0

A download is available here

Note that when using the firmware you will find that the apt-get command does not work as expected, this is due to the fact that the /etc/apt/sources.list points to a debian repository that was moved to

you need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list so that it contains:

deb lenny main contrib non-free

Finally, many of the keys that are used to sign the debian packages are expired. This can be fixed with:

sudo apt-get install debian-archive-keyring

Good luck!

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