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What provides your firmware?

My firmwares are created on the basis of the official firmwares from LG. I've added some additional features like SSH, Telnet, SFTP, NFS, Twonky and Mediatomb. When you activate Twonky, Twonky will be downloaded and installed. (requires internet connection)

Which hardware is supported by your firmware?

My firmware has been tested on a LG N2R1DB2 NAS box. At the current state (firmware 2343) all N2R?1 products share the same firmware. So my firmware may work on N2B1 devices, too.

My update failed! What can I do now?

Shutdown your NAS-Box (press power button for about 3 secs). Press ← (left), → (right). While you are pressing left/right press power button again to start your NAS-Box. Release left/right, when “enclosure” is displayed. This will do a factory reset. WARNING: Everything will be deleted!

How do I get information about my current firmware?

Open the homepage of the webinterface → Version (see screen-shots). My firmware ends with a “t”.

What's SSH?

SSH is a protocol to encrypt data connections. It's been used most times to get a shell on remote systems. See also:

What are the authentication credentials?

You can login as root by using “root” as username and “root” as password. Additionally it's possible to login as “admin”. Ensure that you change your root password, otherwise strangers might be able to do anything on your NAS-Box!

How do I get a remote shell by SSH?

Start a SSH server on the NAS-Box and connect to it with a SSH client. On windows use e.g. PuTTY, on linux the command line tool “ssh”.

How do I start the SSH server?

Webinterface → Services → Shell → SSH → Enable.

What's telnet?

Telnet simple way to get an unencrypted shell of a remote computer. It's easy to use, because a telnet client is on most systems preinstalled. See also:

How do I get a remote shell?

Open a shell on your local computer and type “telnet <ip-address>”.

How do I start the telnet server?

Webinterface → Services → Shell → Telnet → Enable.

How do I start and stop Twonky 4?

In Firmware 2642 the DLNA (LG) media server has been replaced with Mediaflu. Due to this, the Twonky 4 configuration page is no longer available. Please open the Twonky 4 configuration page directly (by opening e.g. http://lg-nas:8000/en/service/dlna.php in your browser) or disable Mediaflu (requires ExpertConfiguration-Package).


test84.30.154.217, 2011/05/15 20:29

Hi, does anyone know how to open the right port (firewall) for using ODBC connections to MySQL?

Please tell me exactly what I have to do since my Linux experience really is that poor.

vllewtest, 2011/06/11 03:24

HJave you figured out how to install? im am attempting with newer sbs beta that has Sql lite. I first haev a few obstacles to overcome from upgrading firmware.

tantalus, 2011/06/11 07:06

Please read the comment of se at the bottom of N1T1.

jubee, 2012/07/30 08:26


Can someone please help me! i've got the n1a1 and want to use the firmware. But when i restore the network installation firmware my nas will boot and start with network but the network will disonnect in 5 seconds. only the new firmware 6674 or 9595 will load correctly.

please help me because the default firmware will not stream all my content.



vllewtest, 2011/06/11 03:20

When you upgrade firmware to latest version, do you loose previos contents on harddrive? harddrive a not appearing in menu and root password as specified in Faq does not allowe login.


vllewtest, 2011/06/11 03:22

If i can manage to get back harddrives and login as root, ias their a guide to installing teh newer SBS pkg with MySQL lite instead? comments a re reporting its easier to use??? faster on LG NAS??

vllewtest, 2011/06/16 15:58

I upgraded bu tost my 2 drives that were setup as JBOD. alos any help on installing newer sbs that used sql lite so one does not have to go through sql setup?

vllewtest, 2011/06/16 15:59

sorry meant to type i LOST the two JBOD drives after latest firmware update. Before this one I was on LG firmare from 2009 original to the NAS, never performed udtae until now.

mby70, 2011/06/20 20:56

When I download the latest Firmware update, I get a .sit file firmware_2647_1_0_0t.sit. Is this right? How do I make it into a .bin file?

tantalus, 2011/07/03 14:48

Rename the file to ”.bin”.

okty2k, 2011/08/07 21:26

I have a problem with the DDNS service. I keep getting: “DDNS is not working, Please check network setting”. Sometimes, it is working, and then, out of a sudden, without restarting the service or anything similar.. it stops. What can I do, and what are the settings to modify?

val, 2011/12/29 23:47

Great work ! Is it possible to enable LUKS encryption on N2R1 also (be it even without RAID support) ? I am desperate for this feature…

Will the custom 2660 firmware be out soon ? They have fixed AFP for OSX Lion now.

val, 2012/01/05 17:19

N2R1 is totally unusable with OS X Lion before firmware 2660, because: 1) AFP doesn't work

2) SMB on Lion is broken and painfully slow, write speed 5 MB/s (not due to the network configuration) You could istall samba3 via macports but that would break integration with Finder

3) NFS with Tantalus firmware doesn't work for writing

4) Copying files over SSH with tantalus firmware is even slower than SMB, speed is 2 MB/sec, both with Macfusion with SSHFS and with scp. Is this normal ? Is the CPU of N2R1 really so weak, that SSH encryption throttles transfer speed so much down ? Or is something in the custom firmware not running optimally ?

4) Macfusion with FTPFS has a turbo write speed of about 50 MB/s, but only works for copying small files (several hundred megabytes). Copying 1 GB file, for example, always fails in the middle and then you have to remount the volume manually.

After upgrading to the official 2660 firmware, AFP works with write speeds about 15 MB/s and read speeds about 30-40 Mb/s. This is the only viable option to use this device on OS X Lion for the time being.

traveller, 2012/01/24 12:35

Hi all!

I upgraded to the 2660 firmware , and would like to downgrade 2657 again. Does anybody know how this works?


renceww3, 2012/03/03 01:13

i would ask the “traveller” the question which reasons he has for wanting to downgrade, i personally have just updated my NAS.

an question to the Tantalus, i have just installed your firmware the 2660 firmware, and in front of the ServiceManager applications and the shell application i don't get the icons as in the screen shots, what's this about?

thanks anyway looking forward to working whit this firmware!

chrisje008, 2012/04/12 20:15

Hi Tantalus, My name is Chris, i'm from The Netherlands. I've used your firmware (2660). You could really help me with installing the logitech media server on the N2B1. Can you install this for me ( and other logitech owners)…

You can download the latest version on

Hope you can and will help me.


gabry, 2012/09/29 07:46

Hi Tantalus, my name is Gabriel and I've a little problem. Always I used your firmwares because these are better than oficial, through the last time I was read the new UI firmware that have a new characteristic: “HDD SMART check and HDD Inspection” this is for my a option very interesting, inf fact the better about the rest firmwares (check SMART table), because I'm not sure if the 2660 detect hard drive errors when i.e. if HDD2 fail some day…

Well, the problem happen when for example on the future crash or broken the LG NAS N2R1 (no the HD's,the device) but the HD still working fine, on the last firmwares I can to read the partition table RAID 1 with the program Winhex (i.e. I put 2 HD really is the same) and any problem to recreate the file structure … but now I've a GPT PARTITION, and I unknow how is possible to read it… I've been try with Linux, Windows 7 (Virtual with VMWARE), with MAC and of course with Winhex v.15.9 and 16.x but nothing… is really imposible to read the File system from GPT partition…

The Question (and sorry for my bad English): Are there some software/program for read the partition when some day the LG N2R1 crash ??

I tried to downgrade to 2660.0.0t (rename the bin file for the original and zip again, all good, included FW installation, check etc.. but after the NAS boot and show: “Boot Fail” ! Before return the new UI… the problem was on the change the little firmware call “new_ui_uboot_update_NC1_120226”

Last Question: Have you the old UI firmware for downgrade ? I think that perhaps is better the 2660 than new UI… What do you think?

Thank you very much !!!!


xsnow, 2012/10/02 21:19

Hi everybody

I recently update to the new GUI my N2R1 (really : don't do that ;) ) … and I am very disappointed ! and want to downgrade and go back to the old GUI : LG's doc said it is not possible…. My question is : is there a way to go back to the old GUI so than i can put tantalus's firmware.

Thanks a lot


gabry, 2012/10/06 19:49

Hi xsnow, this is the same question… I trust only on Tantalus, too I try to contact with LG support but in Spain is very difficult… The new FW is not bad but the GPT table is not easy to ready if someday don't work the device N2R1 and with last FW was possible with Winhex editor.

p.d. Tantalus please tell me something… I hope to hear to you soon !



xsnow, 2012/10/10 16:15

Hi Gabry !

I know this is the same question ;) As you I contact LG support (two times)… result : no answer.

I hope to have Tantalus news soon to. I'm really in a nightmare.

Remark : Port 2020 seems to be open with the last lg firmware,SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.5p1 Debian-6. Does anybody try exploiting that to connect by ssh to the n2r1? don't know if it was open in the previous firmware.

bye bye

gabry, 2012/10/15 19:36

Hi xsnow, I contact LG support in the end and the answer (sorry is in Spanish): “Por desgracia los discos pertenecientes a la Raid generados y gestionados por el dispositivo NAS, no pueden ser accedidos o su contenido leído desde fuera de ella, por motivos de seguridad de datos de cara al cliente. Es por ello que, salvo que disponga del dispositivo NAS, no podrá acceder a la información guardada en los mismos. Un saludo. Anselmo.”

What does it mean? Well, if your NAS is crash/broken (in my case is fake or little lie only I would you like to know how recover the data in this case) the answer from LG is: you don't recover the information from hard disc by security… Sorry for my poor English… Finally I'll buy in the future other device by prevention and copy the data to new device i.e. Synology, is very interesting device for more information on:

But is really a bad support/service from LG, as you I hope a possible answer from Tantalus for downgrade to other version i.e. v.26660.

I hope to hear to you too soon !



pman2012, 2012/10/17 21:48

hi, does anyone know, if there is any kind of possiblity to use the nas as full webserver? (www already works, but I should use email services with unlimited mailboxes and using port 3306 for MySql with ms-office. The last 2 aren't working/available yet.)

crackman, 2012/11/14 20:12

As Gabry and Xsnow already asked, I'm also going to ask the same question. Any way to downgrade from the new UI to the old ?

I'm missing the fact that I can't select which disk I'm working on. I've got 2 2TB disks and I used to have a selective mirror of my pictures folder and backed it up to the other disk. So I would have the advantage of a raided disk and the full size of 2 regular disks. This isn't possible anymore.

I asked LG for help, stating I didn't want full raid, the respond was terrible “You can set your 2 disks in raid for secure backups”…

Does anyone know how to solve this ? Thx in advance

surfkahuna, 2012/12/20 03:24

I have an N2B1DD2. Do you have any current firmware and/or process to enable full disk encryption? My house has been broken into twice in the past four months, and I am worried about someone gaining access to my data if a have a third break-in and they take my NAS. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

gabfranken, 2013/02/08 20:20

Hi, recently I installed latest firmware 2660 and since then for some reason I am getting an error message in the torrent download in that the file system is read only. In the AjaxPlorer I getting a similar error message: Cannot initialize driver : Cannot create root path for repository. Please check repository configuration or that your folder is writeable! Does anyone know how to cope with this problem? I am a mere beginner in this field. Thx in advance!

flembcke, 2013/10/07 11:10

How you add extensions to php? Looks like I need the mysql and or mysql I extension.

flembcke, 2013/10/07 11:12

Typo3? Has anybody try to install Typo3? I have and it looks like there is no connection with database.

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