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Encryption stores files in an encrypted container, by using dm-crypt/LUKS. All encrypted container files are stored in the CryptedContainers directory.

Keyfiles are used to open (decrypt) the container. The keyfiles can be e.g. copied on an USB stick, to open the container.

Supported NAS devices

Encryption is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
No Yes


The location of the configuration is in the web interface → ServiceManager → Encryption.

A list of all container files is at the top, followed by buttons to create new container files (Add), delete old container files (Delete) and to close an opened container file (Umount).

Create containers

The button Add allows to create new container files. The name of the container file has to be unique and must not collide with existing directories. (each container file uses a directory with the same name)

The size of the container file is in MiB. This is the actual size of the container, not the usable container space. The usable container space is less than that value, because the container uses an own file system.

All container files are stored in the /CryptedContainers/ directory. (file extension '.container') A directory with the same name will be created, too. This directory is accessible, when the container is opened.

The keyfiles to open the container files are stored in /CryptedContainers/keys/.

The location of the key directory is in the volatile space of the NAS (RAM). All key files will be lost, when the NAS has been powered off. Copy the entire keys directory on e.g. a USB stick, by using the AjaXplorer!

The button Delete all key files deletes all key files immediately.


The container file uses a directory with the same name. Once the container is opened, you can use the directory as normal via SMB, FTP, etc.

An USB stick is required to open the container. The NAS searches in the /keys/ directory (on the stick) for key files.

The NAS plays a melody for each found key file.

Combine Encryption with automatic power off. E.g. power off the NAS at 18:00 o'clock and start the NAS again next morning. Just plug in the USB stick now to open the container file.


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