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Mediatomb is a free media server for music and videos. It uses DLNA or UPnP A/V to stream data to media clients.

Supported NAS devices

Mediatomb is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
Yes Yes


There are two configuration sections. The base configuration (to start Mediatomb) can be found on the LG web interface. Mediatomb provides an additional web interface.

Base configuration

The location of the base configuration is in the web interface → ServiceManager → Multimedia → Mediatomb.

Mediatomb has to be started once, to generate a default configuration.

Server name

  • Default: LG-NAS

Sets the name, which will be seen by the DLNA clients.

Enable user interface

  • Default: Activated

Allows to (de)activate the Mediatomb web interface.

Enable PS3 support

  • Default: Deactivated

This setting has to be activated, if a PlayStation 3 acts as a DLNA client.

Mediatomb web interface

The Mediatomb web interface is available, while Mediatomb is running. To open the web interface, click on the Mediatomb icon in the toolbar of the LG web interface.

Share directories

The tab Database list all shared directories. The tab Filesystem lists the entire filesystem of the NAS. To share the directory /service/DLNA, navigate to Filesystem → mnt → disk → volume1 → service → DLNA. Click on at the top right corner to open the final menu.

This menu provides configuration settings to scan the directory for new files. For most people the setting Scan Mode: Inotify and Recursive should be okay.

Click on Set to share the directory.


Use a compatible DLNA or UPnP A/V client to use Mediatomb. A free application is XBMC.



littleboss, 2012/05/21 15:18

Hi, I've installed the N1T1 Firmware 3730.513.t0 and I'm trying to configure the shared folders with mediatomb. All my media is in the folder volume1_public but I can't get access to it through the web interface. I've been searching info but I don't get it. Any help please? Thanks

littleboss, 2012/05/22 12:38

Investigating I can see mediatomb has been installed in usr/local instead of etc, I don't know if this is normal. thanks.

littleboss, 2012/05/22 17:04

It could be due to permissions??

littleboss, 2012/05/23 14:47

My god, everything was ok. Just need to wait. Sorry.

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