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MiniDLNA is a free media server for music and videos. It uses DLNA or UPnP A/V to stream data to media clients.

Supported NAS devices

MiniDLNA is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
Yes Yes


The location of the configuration is in the web interface → ServiceManager → Multimedia → MiniDLNA.


  • Default: /mnt/disk

Base directory to search for media files.


  • Default: MiniDLNA LG-NAS

Sets the name, which will be seen by the DLNA clients.


Use a compatible DLNA or UPnP A/V client to use MiniDLNA. A free application is XBMC.



masequeira, 2011/06/09 21:16

I update to 2647_1.0.0t but miniDLNA button not appears, why?

tantalus, 2011/06/11 07:06

What MiniDLNA-Button? There is no extra button in the toolbar to access e.g. an additional web interface. There should be only the normal web interface configuration page at ServiceManager → Multimedia. If there is no configuration page, please upgrade again.

masequeira, 2011/06/11 21:22

At ServiceManager → Multimedia not appears MiniDLNA configuration page. I upgrade again and tell you. Thanks.

socalax, 2011/08/16 17:44

Do I need to build the mini-dlna database, or will it be ready to go. I have been looking for a good FAQ and cannot seem to find anything. When I use Mini-DLNA on XBMC, I am not seeing any files in the directories.

Do you know of a good website with instructions on what do do after enabling the Min-DLNA service?

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