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Network File System allows to access files on the NAS.

Supported NAS devices

NFS is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
Yes Yes


Service Manager → Network/Files → NFS

Start by deciding which root(s) you wish to share. The default on my unit is

  • /mnt/disk/volume1

I created a subfolder and shared /mnt/disk/volume1/service/NFS

In the bottom window, add the shared root configuration. I have:

  • *(rw,no_root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)


  • * means anything can connect. You can enter IPs here, separated by spaces
  • rw means read/write access. You can choose ro for read only
  • no_root_squash means a root level user can connect (default is to use root_squash to block this)
  • sync means that writes are synchronised straight away. This is a safety measure in case of a failure
  • no_subtree_check turns off a feature which helps deal with problems if the host moves files - it's usually safe to leave off, and it can improve things.


I added it in VMWare without any problems.

In Windows, you can install the NFS tools and use the mount command. e.g.

mount \\lg-nas\mnt\disk\volume1\service\NFS n:

and n: becomes the NFS share.


Writing files does not work correctly on N2R1/N2B1 devices with firmwares greater than 2450. Reading files work though. For additional information visit the Bug-Tracker.

The N1T1 is not affected.


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