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Telnet simple way to get an unencrypted shell of a remote computer. It's easy to use, because a telnet client is on most systems preinstalled.

Supported NAS devices

Telnet is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
Yes Yes


The Telnet server does not require any additional configuration. Start the Telnet server via the web interface.


Web interface → Services → Shell → Telnet → Enable.


Web interface → ServiceManager → Net → Telnet → Start.


Use a Telnet client to gain access to the NAS device. Telnet should be preinstalled on most operating systems.

Execute the following command in a shell to connect to the NAS device:

> telnet <hostname|ip address>
> telnet



test188.221.172.68, 2011/05/15 17:06

Hi Tantalus, I have just bought a N1A1, which should be the same as the N1T1 without the DVD drive. I have tried to install your firmware for the N1T1, but it was rejected. I was wondering if it was just a simple configuration change: maybe I just need to change some xml file with the correct string?

My new N1A1 works fine, but when I tried to copy 300GB data from the /service/backup/usb into the main /volume1_public it said it was going to take 5 hours! I'm not prepared to wait that long. They are two folders of the same drive after all! I guess the reason is that Windows 7, when I do the copy and paste it, it thinks they are two completely different network drives. Hopefully if I can install your firmware with the Telnet functionality I might be able to transfer data from one folder to another without going through the network.

tantalus, 2011/05/21 10:08

I didn't checked the N1A1 firmwares, but they are probably different. You have to enable telnetd for yourself. See the board links. There are tutorials to enable ssh or pack your own firmware (in English as well). But this isn't the right place to discuss this, 'cause this is entirely related to telnetd.

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