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Twonky is a commercial media server for music and videos. It uses DLNA or UPnP A/V to stream data to media clients. A license costs $19.95 or €14.95 and can be bought at the official website.

Supported NAS devices

Twonky is available for the following NAS devices:

N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
Yes Yes


There are two configuration sections. The base configuration (to start twonky) can be found on the LG web interface. Twonky provides an additional web interface.

Base configuration

The custom firmware provides two Twonky versions. Twonky 4.x and Twonky 6.x. Their configuration sites can be found in the web interface.

Twonky N2R1/N2B1 N1T1
4.x Service → DLNA → Twonky* ServiceManager → Multimedia → Twonky
6.x ServiceManager → Multimedia → Twonky6 ServiceManager → Multimedia → Twonky6

* Read N2R1 + Twonky 4 + Firmware >=2642

Twonky has to be started once, to generate a configuration.


  • Default: /mnt/disk/volume1/service/DLNA

Specifies the base directory of Twonky. It's recommended to keep this setting.

Twonky web interface

The Twonky web interface is available, while Twonky is running. To open the web interface, click on the Twonky icon in the toolbar of the LG web interface.

Delete Twonky

To delete Twonky, click on the Delete button in the LG web interface (not available for all Twonky versions/NAS devices). Otherwise delete Twonky by executing one of the following commands as root in a shell (SSH).

> rm -rf /usr/local/twonkymedia/

(Twonky 4.x)

> rm -rf /usr/local/twonkymedia6/

(Twonky 6.x)


Use a compatible DLNA or UPnP A/V client to use twonky. A free application is XBMC.



test86.91.70.108, 2011/05/16 21:50

above is explained tapping Twonky icon a webinterface is opened. With me no such thing has happened: connection error. Seems I have the wrong port. Tried several, 9000, 9001 and some more. What would be best to try, or are there other settings on LGNAS N2R1D that I have to check first?

Looking forward to a reaction.

Kind regards

tantalus, 2011/05/21 10:10

Please try to start and stop Twonky and ensure Twonky is running. Also ensure that you have no popup blocker activated.

tessel, 2012/10/29 23:10

Working with your Twonky and it works great. But is it possible to use twonky with some adjustments outside my network? It would be great if ik can call twonky anyware on the world.

Example: Can i set my local ip: anyware in some html file to an static IP adres like used on dyndns?

Kind regards, Nico

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