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Tantalus' Firmwares

This page provides custom firmwares for the NAS devices LG N2R1 (respectively LG N2B1) and LG N1T1.


N1T1 Firmware 3730.513.t0

I've upgraded my firmware to the latest [Old-GUI]-Firmware. There are MacOSX specific fixes, only.

2012/01/09 11:07 · Tantalus

Firmwares 2657 / 3718.510

The new firmwares for N2R1 (2657 1.0.0t) and N1T1 (3718.510.t0) have been released to prevent downgrades. No cool new features this time.

2011/07/31 09:42 · Tantalus

N2R1 Firmware 2647 1.0.0t

  • Added MiniDLNA
  • Added USB2IP
  • Added delete buttons for all Twonky versions
  • CD-ROM and USB devices are now available in AjaXplorer → Services → Devices
  • Many small fixes
  • ServiceManager supports dynamic loading of services (PHP/XML), now
  • Fixed exponential growth of cronjobs, when UPnP port forwarding is enabled

If a firmware >= 2642 is installed, please disable UPnP port forwarding before upgrading. (if you encounter the issue that the NAS is no longer available >= 1h runtime)

Note: Mediaflu replaced the old DLNA (LG) media server. Due to this 'issue', the old Twonky 4 configuration page is no longer available. To access the Twonky 4 configuration page, type the direct URL into your address bar (e.g. http://lg-nas:8000/en/service/dlna.php) or deactivate Mediaflu (requires ExpertConfiguration-Package).

2011/06/02 09:58 · Tantalus

N1T1 Firmware 3687.503.t0

  • Added MiniDLNA
  • Added USB2IP
  • Added Encryption
  • Added delete buttons for all Twonky versions
  • CD-ROM and USB devices are now available in AjaXplorer → Services → Devices
  • Many small fixes
  • ServiceManager supports dynamic loading of services (PHP/XML), now
2011/06/02 09:47 · Tantalus

Development Snapshots

It's been a long time, since the last stable firmware has been released. The reason is, that all firmwares are currently under test. This was necessary, because there were a few big bugs.

If you need a new firmware (e.g. because you have to reset your NAS anyway), you can test the latest development snapshots for yourself. The snapshots are always available on (German/English Community Board).

There are currently two versions under test:

I hope that these firmwares are stable in one or two weeks. Feel free to test the firmwares for yourself and don't forget to post your comments.

2011/05/21 13:12 · Tantalus


ny152, 2013/07/28 23:33

I have a N2B1 NAS and I am disappointed that no more updates are so (especially those announced. When is it?

thedogman, 2013/09/03 21:59

Do you know if it is possible to revive a dead brick on a N1T1. Following a house move I had to re-build my laptop after it was dropped. Yes I am an idiot as I did not have a copy of the passwords for the N1T1 or any back-up. Looked on the LG site down loaded the reinitialisation s/w, copied it to a DVD and started the process. It bombed almost immediately and now I cannot access the device any way. NAS detector only shows an odd 10.xx.xx.xx address and nothing works. Is there any way to recover from this.

ny152, 2013/09/04 18:39

Mount drive(s) on your PC if you have Linux (or a DVD Live otherwise) and retrieve data in much the DATA partition?

thedogman, 2013/09/05 15:12

Thanks, I was thinking along those lines. I tried mounting the HDD on my PC but the disk format wasn't compatible and as they quote open source licencing it pointed to Linux os. I will try downloading Ubuntu. If that works then I will try coping the disk on my working N1T1 to the dead one. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for you help.

ny152, 2013/09/08 19:29

All drives in a RAID installed Linux with mdadm are legible. I do like that personally.

ny152, 2013/09/18 12:41

Would we know if you are working on the new (newui) firmware?

pdaddy, 2013/09/20 09:03

Has there been any talk of adding Plex Media Server?

thedogman, 2013/09/26 00:26

Just to let you know I was able to copy partitions 1 and 2 from my working N1T1 to the dead one. I just used a DVD base version of Ubutu and its disk utility. This put me back to where I started with the original UI on both N1T1s, so having put life back into the dead brick I started the update process again and this time it went like a dream. I therefore started to update the other N1T1 and boy way it a hassle just goes to show the vagaries of data driven systems.

sjoch, 2013/12/28 07:48

Hey all!

I wanted to renew my N1T1 a littlebit, and can tell you that its very simple to switch from the 1TB HDD to a 2TB HDD. So i can recommend that to bring new Life and new space to this wonderful nas!

aberean, 2016/08/17 22:49

I just wanted to help those who have dealt with your NAS not starting and possible data loss. Here is what I have used to recover data in the past with my N2B1.

Hope this helps you!

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