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Tantalus' Firmwares

This page provides custom firmwares for the NAS devices LG N2R1 (respectively LG N2B1) and LG N1T1.


Upcoming Firmwares

It's been a while, since I last uploaded a new firmware. And further firmwares need more time. Because of that, I release a feature list of upcoming firmwares.

Create GUIs with XML

Status: Finished. Maybe a few widgets are missing.

The ServiceManager will be able to parse XML files on-the-fly to create GUIs. This has many advantages:

  • It's simple to program GUIs. Many pre-created widgets allow an easy integration into the web interface.
  • It's only necessary to write a XML and a PHP file.
  • No recompilation of the ServiceManager is required (→ distribute GUIs via the PackageManager).
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gui type="service" category="net" defaultbuttons="yes">
	    <col><label>Simple Text</label></col>
	    <col><textbox id="textbox" /></col>
	    <col><anchor url=""></anchor></col>
	    <col><button action="button">Button</button></col>


Status: Parts of the web interface are missing.

An additional DLNA server will be added to all firmwares: MiniDLNA. Easy to setup and for free. This service will be used to test the new XML support of the ServiceManager.


Status: Web interface and USB are missing.

It's possible to encrypt the hard disk with dm-crypt/LUKS. Only encrypted file containers are supported in the first release, because it has no real use to encrypt the entire partition (write speed < 4 MiB/s locally. Using a network service … zzzZZZzzz). The container will be decrypted with a keyfile (e.g. USB-Stick on startup). I won't add a feature to decrypt the container via the web interface, yet. Most people would use an insecure connection anyway (or wouldn't verify the certificate).

2011/03/14 17:02 · Tantalus

Website Update

I have updated the website. The site uses DokuWiki as back end, now. Everyone should be able to gather information now.

Feel free to write articles or correct my terrible english sentences. ;-)

To explain the structure of the wiki: The wiki uses namespaces to group articles. The top level namespace divides into en (English) and de (German). The next level consists of the devices n2r1/n1t1 and the services.

If you want to add an article about Twonky, just create a new page en:service:Twonky and modify the template. If you are able to write german, I'd appreciate it when you create de:service:Twonky, too.

2011/02/28 21:21 · Tantalus

N1T1 Firmware 3603.484.t0

  • NFS-Server reactivated
  • SM-MyWeb and SM-MySQL are now obsolete and have been removed. Use the official webinterface of LG instead.
2011/02/28 00:56 · Tantalus

N2R1 Firmware 2569t Rev 1.0.0

  • Added SFTP
  • Added Twonky 6 (experimental)
  • Fixed reset of uptime
  • Fixed error messages in the CLI of PackageManager
  • Fixed several encoding problems in ServiceManager
  • Fixed preserving of user/group permissions in SM-Editor

Twonky 6 produces a high CPU load on startup. But after a few minutes the CPU usage goes down. Twonky 6 has been classified as experimental because of this issue. Do not activate Twonky 6 and Twonky 4 together. It's highly recommended to upgrade to this version, if you are using the integrated ServiceManager-Editor.

2011/02/28 00:54 · Tantalus

N2R1 Firmware 2557t Rev 1.0.0

  • Upgrade to 2557 1.0.0 (Webserver, MySQL, Webinterface for mobile phones)

Please read the help of the new webserver about ports. If you are no longer able to access the webinterface, try to open the webinterface manually by typing http:/ /<host|ip>:8000 in your browser.

2011/02/28 00:54 · Tantalus


ny152, 2013/07/28 23:33

I have a N2B1 NAS and I am disappointed that no more updates are so (especially those announced. When is it?

thedogman, 2013/09/03 21:59

Do you know if it is possible to revive a dead brick on a N1T1. Following a house move I had to re-build my laptop after it was dropped. Yes I am an idiot as I did not have a copy of the passwords for the N1T1 or any back-up. Looked on the LG site down loaded the reinitialisation s/w, copied it to a DVD and started the process. It bombed almost immediately and now I cannot access the device any way. NAS detector only shows an odd 10.xx.xx.xx address and nothing works. Is there any way to recover from this.

ny152, 2013/09/04 18:39

Mount drive(s) on your PC if you have Linux (or a DVD Live otherwise) and retrieve data in much the DATA partition?

thedogman, 2013/09/05 15:12

Thanks, I was thinking along those lines. I tried mounting the HDD on my PC but the disk format wasn't compatible and as they quote open source licencing it pointed to Linux os. I will try downloading Ubuntu. If that works then I will try coping the disk on my working N1T1 to the dead one. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for you help.

ny152, 2013/09/08 19:29

All drives in a RAID installed Linux with mdadm are legible. I do like that personally.

ny152, 2013/09/18 12:41

Would we know if you are working on the new (newui) firmware?

pdaddy, 2013/09/20 09:03

Has there been any talk of adding Plex Media Server?

thedogman, 2013/09/26 00:26

Just to let you know I was able to copy partitions 1 and 2 from my working N1T1 to the dead one. I just used a DVD base version of Ubutu and its disk utility. This put me back to where I started with the original UI on both N1T1s, so having put life back into the dead brick I started the update process again and this time it went like a dream. I therefore started to update the other N1T1 and boy way it a hassle just goes to show the vagaries of data driven systems.

sjoch, 2013/12/28 07:48

Hey all!

I wanted to renew my N1T1 a littlebit, and can tell you that its very simple to switch from the 1TB HDD to a 2TB HDD. So i can recommend that to bring new Life and new space to this wonderful nas!

aberean, 2016/08/17 22:49

I just wanted to help those who have dealt with your NAS not starting and possible data loss. Here is what I have used to recover data in the past with my N2B1.

Hope this helps you!

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